Our History

My earliest memories of my Mother, Grandmother and Great Aunty were of sewing - This wasn't just a necessity; it was a passion for all of them. I clearly remember sitting on the floor beside my Mother's legs and those of the sewing machine, wondering what wonderful things she would sew next. She had a way with fabric. A snip here and a snip there and suddenly she'd made a dress for herself, me and my dolly too. Her scraps bag was divine.

My Great Aunt Olive was a genius with the needle. She loved the glamour of fashion and through two wars always looked fabulous. My Grandma was the most wonderful knitter and eater of chocolate. She loved tartan tights too - yes really!

The genes would out. I grew up sewing too. There used to be so many fabric shops but sadly they've disappeared over the years.

That's why 'Til the Sun Goes Down happened.' I was longing to find lovely fabrics to make something unique and special again. I couldn't find it, so I thought I'd better get on and make it.